Tourist Information Center
The tourist information about Pattaya can be collected from Tourist Information in Thailand (TAT) office in the town. The Headquarters of TAT is located in Bangkok and it has 22 offices throughout Thailand. The available information includes tours, accommodation, maps, brochures, about shopping and dinning. The office is open 7 days a week from 8.30 am. to 04.30 pm. Once you arrive in Pattaya, you can get information related to tourist attractions in the town, accommodation options or any other travel related issues. The office also takes complaints and can provide assistance in an emergency. One can call toll free on 1155. Another useful source of information is multi-language Tourist Assistance Hotline, 1337. They operate 24 hours.

TAT Tourist information
Address of Pattaya Tourist Information Center
609 Moo 10, Pratamnak Rd., Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20260
Tel: 038-427-667
Fax: 038-423-911
Email Address:

Pattaya Information Center
The Avenue Pattaya, Second Rd., opposite Soi Yamato
Tel: 081-177-5333
Visa & Customs
General Information
As a general rule, any foreigner seeking entry into the Kingdom of Thailand for business, investment, study, medical treatment, mass media, religion, employment and other purposes is required to apply for a visa from a Thai Embassy or Consulate-General. To do so, a foreigner must possess a valid passport or travel document that is recognized by the Royal Thai Government and comply with the conditions set forth in the Immigration Act B.E.2522 (1979) and its related provisions.

Foreigners who fall into any of the following categories are prohibited to enter the Kingdom.
1. Having no genuine and valid passport or document used in lieu of passport; or having a genuine and valid passport or document used in lieu of passport without visa issued by the Royal Thai Embassies or Consulates in foreign countries; or from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, except if a visa is not required for certain types of aliens in special instances. Visaing and visa exemption will be under the terms and conditions as provided in the Ministerial Regulations.
2. Having no appropriate means of living following entrance into the Kingdom.
3. Having entered into the Kingdom to take occupation as a laborer, or to take employment by using physical energy without skills or training , or to work in violation of the Alien Work Permit Law.
4. Being mentally unstable or having any of the diseases as prescribed in the Ministerial Regulations.
5. Having not yet been vaccinated against smallpox or inoculated or undergone any other medical treatment for protection against disease and having refused to have such vaccinations administered by the Immigration Doctor.
6. Having been imprisoned by the judgement of the Thai Court; or by a lawful injunction; or by the judgement of the Court of foreign country, except when the penalty is for petty offense or negligence or is provided for as an exception in the Ministerial Regulations.
7. Having behavior which would indicate possible danger to the Public or likelihood of being nuisance or constituting any violence to the peace or safety of the public or to the security of the public or to the security of the nation, or being under warrant of arrest by competent officials of foreign governments.
8. Reason to believe that entrance into the Kingdom was for the purpose of being involved in prostitution, the trading of women of children, drug smuggling, or other types of smuggling which are contrary to the public morality.
9. Having no money or bond as prescribed by the Minister under Section 14 of the Immigration Act B.E. 2522
10. Being a person prohibited by the Minister under Section 16 of the Immigration Act B.E. 2522.
11. Being deported by either the Government of Thailand that of or other foreign countries; or the right of stay in the Kingdom or in foreign countries having been revoked; or having been sent out of the Kingdom by competent officials at the expense of the Government of Thailand unless the Minister shall consider exemption on an individual special case basis.

The examination and diagnosis of disease of a physical or mental nature, including protective operations as against disease, shall be conducted by the Immigration Doctor. Information on location and contact number of the Thai Embassy and Consulate-General abroad could be obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Consular Affairs, Visas and Travel Documents Division, 123 Chaengwattana Rd., Bangkok 10210, Tel: 02-981-7171 Ext. 3201-2, 02-3204-5 or direct line 02-575-1062-4, Fax: 02-575-1066

Note : Please check the period of stay stamped in your passport by the immigration officer. Visitors who overstay their visa will, at the time of their departure, be fined 500 baht for each excess day.
Duty Free Allowance
The duty free allowance will be applied to accompanied personal effects up to Bath 10,000 worth if i) the items are intended for your own personal or professional uses; ii) the quantity are reasonable; and iii) the items are not subject to prohibition or restriction. However, there are limits on the amount of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, cigars and smoking tobacco to which you may include in your duty free personal exemption as follows:
- 200 cigarettes or 250 grams of cigars or smoking tobacco
- 1 litre of spirituous liquor.

Personal effects do not include motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts regardless of the length of time used and owned.

Instruction on Import and Export of Goods
1. Currencies :
Foreign Currency
Passengers are allowed to bring in and take out unlimited amount of foreign currency. However, if the amount of foreign currency is equal to or exceeds 20,000 USD, Foreign currency Declaration Form shell be completed and submitted to Customs while procession through Customs offices.

Thai Currency
- Inbound passengers are allowed to bring in unlimited amount of Thai currency.
- Outbound passengers travelling to Lao PDR, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam are allowed to take out Thai currency not exceeding 500,000 Baht, but those traveling to other countries are permitted to take out not exceeding 50,000 Baht.

2. Buddha Images :
- Buddha images, Bodhisattva images or related fragments, part of ancient monument and prehistoric objects, are forbidden to be taken out of the Kingdom. Newly cast Buddha images in complete condition can be exported for worship, cultural exchange or educational purposes with licenses issued by the Fine Arts Department. Not more than 5 pieces per person shall be allowed. (More information contact to 02-628-5033)
Visa for Thailand
Every visitor to Thailand must have a valid passport. Whether you need a visa or not, depends on your nationality and on the period of time you are expecting to stay in the country.

Tourists from several countries have to get their visas before entering Thailand. Other visitors are issued a visa on arrival at the airport or an immigration checkpoint. Some countries have agreements with Thai Government that enable their citizens to enter Thailand without a visa. Outside Thailand, visas are issued either by consulates and embassies. Within Thailand, the issuing authority is the Immigration Bureau of the Royal Thai Police.

Documents Needed :
- Passport or travel document which should be valid post arrival not less than 6 months.
- Duly filled visa application form.
- Applicant's recent( 4 x 6 cm.) photograph.
- Air ticket or e-Ticket.
- Proof of financial means.

Consular office reserves the right to ask for additional documents as deemed necessary.

30-day Visits :
Most tourists are allowed to stay in Thailand for up to 30 days without the need of a visa. This includes the citizens of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bahrain, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Netherlands, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Aram Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America and Vietnam.

60-day Visits :
In case you wish to stay longer for a longer period you can obtain a two-month tourist visa from the Thai consulate or embassy in your country. If you are already in Thailand and wish to extend your stay, this can be done by obtaining a one-month extension from an immigration office).

Longer than 60 Days :
This class is not a tourist visa and a person must meet certain requirements before being granted a 'Non-Immigrant Visa', as it is called.

Application in Thai Embassies :
Passport holders of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Sudan, Algeria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt and Palestinian States have to file for application at the Thai Embassy/Consulate-General in their home country.

Validity of Tourist Visa :
A tourist visa is valid for 60 days and can be extended for 30 days at the nearest Immigration office.

Extension of Visa :
Tourists who wish to stay longer or desiring to change their status of visa must file an application mentioning the same at the Office of Immigration Bureau located on Soi Suan Plu, off South Sathorn Rd., Bangkok.
Procedures For Lost Passport
A foreigner whose passport was either lost or stolen after ent dom must do the following :
1. A report must be filed at the local police station in the ar passport was lost or stolen.
2. Bring the police report to your embassy or consulate and a passport or substitute document. If there is no embassy Thailand, please contact the Passport Division of the Mini Affairs.
3. Bring your new passport or substitute document to the I Bureau to have your visa division 4, Immigration Bureau, Fl., Old Building,
Tel: 1287-3911 or 02-287-3101-10 Ext. 22 the following :
- Passport or substitute document
- The report from a police station
- A document from the Embassy or consulate certifying the (if any).
Embassies & Consulates
Austria Austria
Honorary Consulate of Austria in Pattaya:
504/526 Moo 10, Soi 17, 2nd Rd., Pattaya City, Chonburi 20150;
Tel: 038-713-613; Fax: 038-713-614

Austria Denmark
Consulate of Denmark in Pattaya:
384/22 Moo 12, Jomthien Garden #52, Jomthien Beach Rd., Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20260; Tel: 038-231-630; Fax: 038-232-227; Website:
Openning Hours: Monday at 09.00 am. - 11.30 am. & 02.00 pm. - 05.00 pm., Tue & Fri at 09.00 am. - 11.30 am., Otherwise only by appointment.

Austria Norway
Royal Norwegian Consulate in Pattaya:
384/22 Moo 12, Jomthien Garden #52, Jomthien Beach Rd., Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20260; Tel: 038-231-630; Fax: 038-232-227, 038-756-395; Website:
Openning Hours: Monday at 09.00 am. - 11.30 am. & 02.00 pm. - 05.00 pm., Tue & Fri at 09.00 am. - 11.30 am., Otherwise only by appointment.

Austria Sweden
Honorary Consulate of Sweden in Pattaya:
391/69 Moo 10, Taphya Rd., Pattaya, Chonburi 20260; Tel/Fax: 038-364-485;
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Shopping Advice
These tips would come handy while shopping in Pattaya. This shopping advice is based on what has been discussed with us by seasoned Pattaya tourists.
Thailand has a plenty of products that are worth buying before leaving back home. Some of the products that are preferred choice are silk products, leather products, wood products, ceramics and silverware. These items are available at department stores at fixed price and ones at local stores can be bargained. Even though some of the mentioned products are not indigenous in Chonburi, they can be found throughout the city as they are bought from the original region and some are produced in the Chonburi itself. Should ones would like to buy the indigenous products of the province, there are a lot of fruit and food products which may not be very practical to bring overseas. There are also stone products from Ang Sila and wickerwork that is quite famous in this province.
Jewelry and Gemstones
Jewellry and gemstones are popular choices as souvenir due to its high quality, style, cutting and polishing especially those from eastern region. To make sure that the products are authentic, you should buy from the retailers with the government's JFC seal affixed in front of JFC member outlets. The JFC logo represents a ruby ring with the names TGJTA and Jewel Fest Club. There is a record of every purchase made. A certificate of the detailed transaction will be issued. The certification identifies the nature and price of the product and it will also guarantee a refund less 10% if you return the merchandise to the point of sale within 30 days. A refund less 20% is guaranteed if the items are returned after 30 days but within 45 days of purchase.
Touting taxi drivers and tour guides who offer to take you to exclusive places for shopping will cost heftily. They will also receive commissions for bringing tourists to the coordinating shops.
Antique Artifacts
It is prohibited to take images of Buddha, deities and antique artifacts from the country without prior approval from the Fine Arts Department in Bangkok.
A little smile could help getting cheaper price. The nature of Thai people are smiley and easy-going and they like people who share the same.
In most markets of Pattaya and Jomtien, the prices could be twice higher than the real price. Therefore, to get a reasonable price, the bargain skills should be applied when purchasing goods. The start of the bargain could be at half price of the seller's offer and then go up if your offer is not dealt. Goods and products in department stores and malls are at fixed prices.
Credit Cards
Visa and Mastercard are the two most accepted in Thailand while American Express and others can be accepted at some places. Most hotels, established restaurants and department stores in the city welcome major credit cards. It is always best to carry some cash when going to budget restaurants or small outlets. Before departing the home country, you should inform the credit card company that you are travelling to Thailand or any other countries that you are travelling to. Be reminded that many banks now assess 1 - 3% transaction fee on all charges incurred abroad and be careful when you use the credit cards anywhere in the country.
Exchange Services
Traveller's Cheques/ Cheques/Credit Cards
Traveller cheques can be cashed at all provincial banks and authorized money changers located in Bangkok and other cities. Traveller's Cheques get a better rate of exchange than cash, and the best rates come either from banks or moneychangers. Exchange rates at hotels are normally lower. Both Thai and foreign banks provide services Monday to Friday between 08.30 - 03.30 pm. and closed on public and bank holidays. Major banks such as Bangkok Bank, Thai Farmers Bank, Siam Commercial Bank and Thai Danu Bank operate currency exchange centres in most tourist areas from 07.00 am. to 09.00 pm., 7 days a week, including holidays. Many big hotels also provide exchange services as well but only major currencies such as American dollars, British pounds and Euros.
Exchange of Money
Cash can be exchanged for Thai Baht at the international airports, banks and exchange bureaus located in international airports and throughout the city. Pounds, Euros, US dollars and other currencies can be promptly exchanged. Authorised money changers and banks offer better exchange rate than shopping centers and hotels.

Exchange Control
- Foreign currencies can be brought or transferred into Thailand without limit. Those who brings into or takes out of Thailand an aggregate amount of foreign currency more than 20,000 USD or equivalent must declare to a customs officer. Failure to do so may lead to arrest, confiscation of the excess amount involved and/or prosecution.
- There is no restriction on the amount of Thai Baht that may be brought into the country. Travellers leaving Thailand to neighbouring countries including Vietnam are allowed to take out Thai currency the maximum amount of 500,000 Baht and to other counties up to 50,000 Baht per person without prior authorization.
- Foreign visitors are welcome to open a foreign currency account with any commercial bank in Thailand without limit. As a special gesture to non-residents, no restrictions are imposed on the maintenance of and withdrawal from the account, as long as the funds originate from abroad.
- Foreign visitors may open Thai currency account with authorized banks in Thailand. The account may be deposited or withdrawn for general purposes except funds related to investment in securities such as trade, services, foreign direct investment, investment in immovable assets and loans. The total daily outstanding balances for each type of account must not exceed 300 million Baht per person. Ones must not transfer between different types of accounts.
- For additional information concerning foreign exchange regulations, please contact any authorized banks.
ATM Facility
ATMs can be found in all major cities and relatively smaller towns. Visa sign indicates the ATM is international. Two networks of Cirrus or Plus on the back of any foreign cards are covered in Thailand. A charge would be applied on withdrawal as well as an exchange fee. ATM transfers usually incur a small home bank fee and may be your best way to get Thai currency. However, fees and exchange rates as policies vary considerably from bank to bank. Some Thai ATMs only take a 4 digit PIN and you should change yours to 4 digits. It is a good idea to inform your bank before using your cards in Thailand. Also be careful when using ATMs even though some ATMs but not all have fraud protection facilities and CCTV equipments.
Currency Unit
Thai Currency
The unit of Thai currency is Baht. One Baht is divided into 100 satang and approximately 0.03 USD. (32.1 Baht is 1 USD) Major credit cards are widely accepted but cash is always preferred. The notes and coins are denoted by Arabic and Thai numerals. All notes are depicted with the image of the King of Thailand.
Currency Notes
Notes are in denominations of 1,000 (brown), 500 (purple), 100 (red), 50 (blue) and 20 (green) baht. Coins consist of 25 satang, 50 satang, 1 Baht, 5 Baht and 10 Baht.
Currency Coins
There are 100 satang in one Baht; coins include 25-satang and 50-satang pieces in copper and denominations of 1, 2, 5 are in silver and 10 in silver on the outer ring and gold in the centre. 25 and 50 satang coins are not practical and rarely used. It can be useful only in department store when VAT is included in the price and sometimes, the total bill will come up with these satang units.

Thai baht is in denominations of :
1000 Baht front
1,000 Baht front
1000 Baht back
1,000 Baht back
500 Baht front
500 Baht front
500 Baht back
500 Baht back
100 Baht front
100 Baht front
100 Baht back
100 Baht back
50 Baht front
50 Baht front
50 Baht back
50 Baht back
20 Baht front
20 Baht front
20 Baht back
20 Baht back
10 Baht front
10 Baht front
10 Baht back
10 Baht back
VAT Refund
Goods purchased in Thailand are VAT inclusive. Foreign visitors are entitled to obtain the refund of the 7% VAT. (Value Added Tax) on products purchased at registered retail outlets which will show the sign 'VAT Refund for Tourists'. You could get the refund at the airport at your departure.
Who can claim VAT Refunds
- is not a Thai national
- is not a crew member of an airline departing Thailand on duty
- has been in Thailand less than 180 days
- leaves Thailand by air from an international airport
- present the goods and submit the VAT Refund Application for Tourist form (P.P10) and original tax invoices to the Customs officers before check-in for the departure
VAT Refund Process
- Product has to be purchased from stores displaying the "VAT Refund For Touritsts" sign at a minimum purchase of 2,000 Baht per store per day including VAT.
- On the day of the purchase, make a request for VAT reund Form (P.P.10) and original tax invoice from the store.
- The goods must be taken out of Thailand within 60 days from the date of purchase
- Claim for a VAT refund if minimum total purchase is not less than 5,000 Baht at international airports at Bangkok, Chaing Mai, Had Yai, Phuket and U-Tapao and present the certain items, the form and original tax invoice to the Customs before check-in and passport control.
- Receive VAT refunds at VAT Refund Office.
Ways of Refund
The refund of the amount less than 30,000 Baht is available in cash in Thai Baht, bank draft, credit card account. The refund of the amount exceeds 30,000 Baht is available in bank draft and credit card account. Small fee applies.
Goods not Eligible for Refund
Gem stones, firearms, explosives and similar items.
Sufficient time at the airport should be allowed for the refund process.
Should you request the refund by draft or credit card account and do not receive the reply within an appropriate period of time, please contact The VAT Refund for Tourist Office, Revenue Department, Phahon Yothin Road, Bangkok 10400, Thailand.
Tel: 02-272-9384 to 5, 02-272-8198, Fax: 02-617-3559
Health Care in Pattaya
Health care in Pattaya has been improved along with its growth in economy, tourism industry and medical tourism industry in general. There is an array of hospitals providing services and facilities at high standard including international standard. There are also specialty hospitals and clinics available in Pattaya. The price of the treatments is inexpensive comparing to the west. Health packages are also available.
Tropical Diseases
Due to Thailand's tropical climate which is hot and humid, some tropical diseases are prevalent. Health ministries of most countries publish a health brief for travellers visiting foreign countries. Some types of inoculations may be suggested but not required before arriving Thailand. Some doctors might suggest vaccinations or boosters against polio, tetanus, typhoid, diphtheria and hepatitis A. There is a risk of malaria mainly in rural amd forested areas including areas along the borders with Burma, Lao and Cambodia. The only anti-malarial drugs that are currently likely to be effective in these areas are Doxycycline and Malarone. The disease is carried by mosquitoes that bite from dusk to dawn. Dengue fever is also found in the country especially during and after the rainy season. It is carried by the mosquitoes that bite during the daylight hours. Travellers should consult doctors before travelling.
There are several good pharmacies in Pattaya. Some are open 24 hours. The internation retailed pharmacy, Boost also operate their brances here. One is located at Royal Garden Mall and the other on Walking Street. Other local pharmacies are also reliable. They sell a wide products and medicines. There are also some drugs that may not available in some countries but available here. Common prescriptions from a person's home country can be filled here. Some medicines such as antibiotics or pain killers may be given by pharmacists without a prescription.
There is an array of health care clinics located throughout Pattaya. Most of them specialise in a particular branches of body science. Some are aesthetic and some practitioners. Not all of the clinics operate at international standard.
Pattaya has some good hospitals which provide good health care. There is a wide range of price. State hospitals are less inexpensive but can be overcrowded, poorly equipped and there might be some language barrier. Private hospitals have higher standard and well-equipped but the price may be much higher than the state ones. A lot of doctors and staff are educated abroad. Therefore, the language barrier is diminished. The Pattaya International Hospital and the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital could be good options for foreign tourists.
Health Insurance
Travellers should get proper health insurance before visiting a foreign country, not only Thailand. A variety of health insurance plans are available from different companies. Real worth of the insurance is the amount of the bill covered and pace at which the company provides you service. Therefore, the company and the plan should be chosen with care.
Travel Tips
Precautions in Pattaya
The holiday in Pattaya could be hassle-free if you keep in mind these tips.
- Be cautious when selecting tour operators, travel agencies or tour guides. Select the ones with official licenses issued by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.
- If something seems too good to be true, it is best not to risk it.
- Never listen to street touts. Promise on jewellery bargains are nothing but scams. There are many examples when tourists were lured into purchasing a fake gem or they had to pay three times more money than the normal.
- Thai government does not own, operate, subsidise any jewellery stores, except Thailand Duty Free Shops. Authority of Thailand only founded the Jewellery Fest Club and issue logo and certificate to JFC members who are proved to sell high quality, genuine and value for money jelwellery items.
- Do not accept shopping or sightseeing assistance from strangers. They take a big commission on a high surcharged price.
- Never indulge in gambling or drugging in Thailand. Penalties for these actions are very severe.
- Purchase tickets from the bus terminal. In case you purchase the ticket from agencies, be sure to obtain all necessary information before making a purchase.
Best Time to Visit Pattaya
Timing the visit to any country is very important. Learn about a country's seasons and possible weather conditions so you can experience the best of the country. It is always advisable to get some basic details about the proper timing of visiting a country. You would then be capable of taking the right decision. Pattaya can be visited all year round but to avoid the rain during July and October which could mar your beach holiday,the best time is between December to May for the best weather.

Tropical Climate
Thailand has tropical climate. You could visit the place any time throughout the year. Save the rainy season, which is from July to October. However, travelling during the rainy season could not be all bad. In Thailand, it could rain cats and dogs and goes. Although, it is hard to predict in some areas. In summer, Thailand is quite hot and humid in particular in April. November to February is the coolest time of the year. There is less humidity. The rain is quite rare comparatively to the rest of the year.

Central and Eastern Thailand
Different parts of Thailand can be visited in different season. Central and eastern Thailand is at their best in November to March. The rain comes around the end of May and goes on until October.

North and Northeast Thailand
The best season to visit these regions is dry season which lasts from November to February. The weather is dry and cool. Flowers are in bloom. The mountainous region in particular gets very cold when the night falls.

South Thailand
There are only two seasons in this region, summer and rainy. The weather does not get so dry as it is on the coast. Best time to visit is during November to March. Avoid visiting the islands in monsoon season. It could be dangerous. The east of the peninsula on the Gulf of Thailand is best visited from December to June. The west side such as Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi is during November to April and if you would like to travel to both sides, the best time is from December to April.
Driving & Rules
Rules & Regulations
- Drive on the left side of the road.
- The legal age for driving cars is 18.
- The legal age for riding a motorcycle up to 110cc is 15 and the legal age for riding a motorcycle over 110cc is 18.
- It is compulsory for a driver to carry the driving licence as well as a copy of the vehicle registration document (Blue Book, Lem Tabian).
- Valid Thai Driving licecnce or International Driving Licences must be carried at all time of driving.
- Tax sticker must be adhered in the vehicle and has to be renewed annually at the local Department of Land Transport Office (DLT).
- Every vehicle must have at least third party compulsory motor insurance, which has to be renewed annually at the local Department of Land Transport Office (DLT).
- It is compulsory to wear a seat belt at the driver seat and the passenger seat in the front of a car.
- Blood-alcohol limit is 0.5 mg.
- Fines for exceding the speed limit must be paid at the local police station.
- Vehicles with red registration plates (new vehicles) are not permitted to drive at night.
- Drivers may only use a mobile phone with a handsfree system.

Other things to take into account when driving in Thailand:
- Flashing of headlights by other vehicles is a warning signal asking for the way or taking over.
- Drivers of larger vehicles may assume that smaller vehicles will give way.
- Always check for motorbikes that running behind when opening car doors on the side of the road as they frequently travel in the inside space between the road and the pavement.
- Children's car seats are not obligatory.
- When changing the colour of their car, the owner of the car must inform the DLT who will change the details in the registration book.
- A frequently used method of warning road users of a car breakdown on the road ahead is to obstruct a part of the road before the car with tree branches.
Types of Road
Roads in Thailand vary from tiny lanes as known as soi to multi-lane freeways. Frequently-used roads in the provinces are mostly four lanes.

There is incessant investment in upgrading or building new roads throughout Thailand. Road works are commonly seen throughout. Road works are not always clearly marked or lit at night. Some road work signs can be worn badly. Therefore, extra care must be taken.
Motorways or expressways are restricted to areas around the Bangkok area.
- Traffic can be very congested in particular at rush hours from 07.00 am. -10.00 am. and 04.00 pm. -07.00 pm..
- Tolls are charged for each section of the motorway and the fees are different depending on the distance and route taken.
- Speed limits are marked on the signposts and are usually 120 km/h for cars. In some areas, the limit may be reduced to 90 km/h.
The highways that join all the provinces throughout the country are usually well-indicated and easy to follow.
The speed limit is signposted and is usually 90 Km/h for cars although in some areas there will be signposts indicating that the limit is increased to 100 Km/h or 120 Km/h.
Suburban streets
Most suburban streets are similar to those in Europe and the rest of the world. Speed limits, marked by signposts are 50 km/h to 60 km/h.
Small lanes
Some small lanes have speed humps to reduce speed and dangers to pedestrians. Check all signs for changes to the usual speed limits of 60 km/h.
There are more motorcycles than any other types of vehicle on the roads in Thailand. Only a very basic test is required before a motorbike licence is issued and there are many accidents involving motorbikes. The figures for motorcycle deaths in Thailand are extremely high.
- Tax sticker and 3rd party insurance are required to carry with the motorcycles.
- Wearing helmet and carrying a motorbike licence are compulsory.

When driving a car in Thailand, ones should be careful especially with following incidents made by motorcyclists
- Riding on the wrong side of the road
- Ignoring stop signs
- Riding with many passengers
- Cutting across the front of a car without looking
- Not indicating direction of turning
- Quickly riding across oncoming red traffic light
Useful Telephone Numbers
Emergency & Information
Ambulance and Rescue 1554 Naklua Fire Department 038-221-000
Bangkok Metropolitan Administration 1555 Pattaya Fire Department 038-425-943
Crime 1195 Police (General Emergency Call) 191
Emergencies 038-222-474 SOS - Police And Fire Department 199
Highway Police 1193 Time Service 181
Medical Emergency Call 1669 Tourist Assistance 1337, press 9
National Disaster Warning Centre 1860    
Tourism Offices
Kanchanaburi 034-511-200 TAT Call Center 1672
Hua Hin 032-513-885 Tourist Assistance Center 02-281-5051
Pattaya 038-428-750 Trat 039-597-255
Rayong 038-655-420    
Chiangmai 053-248-604 Chiangrai 053-717-433
North-East (Isan):      
Khon Kaen 043-244-498-9 Nakhon Ratchasima 044-213-666
Koh Samui 077-42-0504 Phuket 076-211-036
Krabi 075-622-163    
Tourist Police Stations      
Bangkok (Air port) 0-2535-1053 Kanchanaburi 0-3451-2668
Bangkok (Radio Station) : 1155    
Pattaya 0-3865-1669 Trat 0-3953-8091
Chiang Mai 0-5327-8559 Mae Hong Son 0-5361-1812
Chiang Rai 0-5371-7796    
North-East (Isan):      
Khon Kaen 0-4323-6937-8 Nakhon Ratchasima 0-4434-1777
Koh Samui 0-7742-1281 Phuket 0-7635-5015
Krabi 0-7563-7208    
Travel Agency
Web Sawadee Plc.      
Bangkok Office 02-674-5555 Koh Samui Office 077-429-999
Police Stations
Banglamung Police Station 038-221-800 Pattaya Highway Police 038-425-440
Chonburi Police Station 038-274-401-3 Pattaya Marine Police Station 038-423-666
Dongtan Police Box (Jomtien) 038-232-330 Pattaya Police Station 038-429-325
Highway Police 038-392-001 Pattaya Police Station Soi 9 038-420-802-5
Immigration Police 038-252-750-1 Pattaya Tourist Police station 038-429-371
Dental Care
Aikchol Hospital 038-273-840-7 Nong Yai Hospital 038-219-145
Ao Udom Hospital 038-351-010 Pattaya International Hospital 038-428-374
Arpakorn Kiattiwong Hospital 038-437-172 Pattaya Memorial Hospital 038-488-777
Banbung Hospital 038-444-406 Phanat Nikhom Hospital 038-461-334-7 Ext.166, 168
Bangkok Hospital (Pattaya) 038-259-999 Phantong Hospital 038-932-500-99
Banglamung Hospital 038-429-244-6 Phyathai Sriracha Hospital 038-770-200-8
Bothong Hospital 038-211-289-90 Queen Sirikit Hospital 038-245-700
Chonburi Hospital 038-931-000 Samitivej Sriracha Hospital 038-320-300
Emergency 1719 Sattahip Hospital 038-245-051
Koh Sichang Hospital 038-216-266 Somdej Phra Borom Ratchathewi Hospital 038-311-008
Laemchabang International Hospital 038-491-888    
Blood Transfusion Services
Central Blood Register 02-686-2700 The National Blood Centre 02-252-1601
Credit Cards And Traveller's Cheques
AIG Card 02-697-8300 JCB International 02-256-9151-4
American Express 02-273-5544 Macquarie 02-694-7999
ANZ 02-168-8777-8 Standard Chartered 1595
Citibank 1588 HSBC 02-614-5555
Diners Club 02-238-3660 United Overseas Bank (UOB) 02-285-1555
Post Offices
Banglamung Post Office 038-428-225 Jomtien Post Office 038-231-944
Bangsaen Post Office 038-381-040 Pattaya Post Office 038-429-341
Airport Information
Available Airlines Timetables Suvarnabhumi Airport 02-132-1888
Don Mueang Airport 02-535-1192 U-TapaoIntl Airport (Sattahip) 038-245-595
Bangkok Airways (PG) 1771 PB Air (9Q) 02-261-0222
Nok Air (DD) 1318 Thai Airways (TG) 02-356-1111
One-Two-Go (OG) 1126 Thai Air Asia (FD) 02-515-9999
Boat Rental
Argyle Vickers Co., Ltd. 038-250-123 Max Marine Asia Pattaya 076-617-269
Buzzcats (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 038-235-300 Royal Varuna Yacht Club 038-250-116
Gulf Charters Thailand Co., Ltd. 038-237-752 Sailing Pattaya Thailand Co., Ltd. (English) 081-622-9372
Ihtiander Diving 038-710-208 Sailing Pattaya Thailand Co., Ltd. (Thai) 089-939-1424
Malee Travel Co., Ltd. 038-411-746 Seat Boat 038-252-412-5
Bus Transportation
Available Bus Timetables N.S.V. Transport 038-494-549
Bus Terminal 038-429-877 N.T.P. Transport 038-493-708
Bus Transportation Chonburi-Bangkok 038-284-781 Pattaya Beach Bus 038-757-340
Malee Travel Co., Ltd. 038-420-012    
Airport-Pattaya Bus Service
Bell Services Co. Ltd. 038-370-055-6 Bangkok Southern Bus Station "Sai Tai" 02-391-2504
Bangkok Eastern Bus Station "Ekamai" 02-434-7192 Roong Reuang Coach Co. Ltd. 086-324-2389
Bangkok Northern Bus Station "Morchit" 02-936-2852 Transport Co. Ltd./ Jomtien 038-231-142
Car Rental
Ann Taxi Pattaya 086-795-1181 M.M.T. Service Center Co., Ltd. 038-371-385
Chalee Car Rent 038-720-413 Pattaya Car Rentals 086-336-0080
D.V. Rent - A - Car 081-994-8420 Pattaya City Cars 038-425-849
European Service Center Co., Ltd. 038-638-450 Q Cars Co., Ltd. 038-231-694
Expat Car and Pickup Rental Co., Ltd. 038-252-275 Ron's Internet Cafe 038-757-220
Holiday Rent-A-Car 038-426-203 Taxi & Travel Agency 038-425-991
Kittinant Taxi Service 086-605-7933 Unity Car Rental & Service 038-373-254
Malee Travel Co., Ltd. 038-411-746 VR Carrent and Service 086-336-7799
Motorcycle Rental
Ron's Internet Cafe 038-757-220 Taxi & Travel Agency 038-425-991
Sawake Mobile Shop & Motobike For Rent 038-415-130    
Taxi Services
Ann Taxi Pattaya 086-795-1181 Sea Air Land Tours 038-710-829
Kittinant Taxi Service 086-605-7933 Siam-Service 038-332-095
M.M.T. Service Center Co., Ltd. 038-371-385 Super Travel Pattaya 038-723-871
Malee Travel Co., Ltd. 038-411-746 Taxi & Travel Agency 038-425-991
Opey De Place 038-424-732 The Limo Pattaya 085-739-4949
P.T. Taxi Service 038-724-199    
Available Train Timetables Pattaya Railway Station 038-429-285
Chonburi City Train Station 038-286-655 Siracha Train Station 038-322-504
Lamechabang Train Station 038-494-835 State Railway Of Thailand (SRT) 1690 (24 hours)
Van Services
Malee Travel Co., Ltd. 038-411-746 Taxi & Travel Agency 038-425-991
Sriracha Greenpoint Co., Ltd. 038-372-188
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Airline Companies
Thai Airways
Thai Airways
International (TG)
Airport : 02-134-5483 to 4
Reservation : (02)356 1111
website :
Bangkok Airways
Bangkok Airways (PG)
Airport : 02-270-6699
Reservation : (02)356 1111
website :
Air Asia
Air Asia (D7)
Office : 02-515 9999
Reservation : (02)356 1111
website :
Nok Air
Nok Air (DD)
Office : 02-900-9955
Reservation : 1318
website :